Paige Design Group, Inc.
Track & Field Facility Design Consulting

Planning, Designing & Consulting on Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Facilities


2007 University of Oregon - Host NCAA D-I Championships & U.S. Olympic Trials

Paige Design Group (PDG):

Specializes exclusively in the planning, designing and consulting of indoor and outdoor T&F facilities. We assist Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owner to provide Colleges, High Schools, Municipalities and Companies with the safest, most functional and cost effective T&F facility possible. We consult on all types and sizes of T&F facilities; no project is too small or too big!!!

PDG's areas of expertise:

  • Rules & regulations of the governing bodies: NFHS, NCAA & IAAF

  • Layout: running, jumping & throwing events

  • Track oval radius: continous vs. broken-back

  • Track oval size: 200m vs. 300m vs. 400m

  • Indoor oval: flat vs. fixed banked vs. hydraulically banked

  • Running lanes: 36" vs. 39" vs. 42" vs. 48"

  • Throwing events: inside oval vs. outside oval and daily practice vs. compitition

  • Jumping events: single vs. dual and parallel to straight vs. inside the D-area

  • Line markings & certification

  • Synthetic surface: polyurethane vs. rubber

  • Sports Equipment: inground & loose T&F equipment and protective netting system

  • Track Timing System: junction boxes vs. pedestals, conduits, cables, cameras, etc.

  • Scoreboards & Displays: fixed digits vs. matrix vs. video

  • Sports Lighting: infield vs. track events

  • Bleachers: cross aisles, circulation and sight lines

  • Press Box: track timing, PA announcer, scoreboard controller, media

  • Storage Requirements: size, layout, doors and location

  • Event Management: athlete warm-up, clerk, weights & measures, team tents and medical

  • Logistics: athletes, coaches, officials, media and spectators

  • Circulation: parking, drop-off areas, main entry, walkways, fences, gates and donor recognition area

  • Maintenance

2006 University of Arkansas

John McDonnel Field

2009 Host NCAA D-I Championships

2015 Duke University

Morris Williams T&F Stadium